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Professional Gas Line Services in Taunton and Neighboring Towns

Call us today for quality gas line installation and gas pipe repair services in Bristol County and nearby neighborhoods.

Natural gas provides a cost-effective way to power your appliances and heat your home. However, it must be handled carefully to prevent leaks. Fortunately, homeowners in Taunton, MA, and nearby locations, can trust the experts at RCL Mechanical for professional gas line installation and gas pipe repair services.

Whether you’re upgrading your home with a new gas line installation or need emergency repairs, we can help. Our trusted and certified technicians have earned a reputation for exceptional service at an affordable price.

Cynthia Pinckney

“The RCL Mechanical Plumbing team exceeded my expectations.”

“Not only did they promptly address and fix my toilet issue, but their attention to detail and courteous service stood out. Fair pricing and transparent communication further solidified my positive experience. I highly recommend their services for reliable plumbing solutions.”

What Are the Signs You Need Gas Pipe Repair?

A damaged or leaking gas line can be dangerous, so keep an eye out for these signs that you need gas line repair:

  • The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur in your home.
  • Hissing sounds coming from near your gas lines or appliances.
  • Malfunctioning gas appliances.
  • Nausea or dizziness.
  • Dead plants and flowers.
  • Sudden rise in utility bills.

If you think your gas line needs repair, have your local plumber come out to inspect it as soon as you notice the problem.

Why Install a New Gas Line?

As a Taunton homeowner, installing a new gas line offers several perks that you may not have been aware of. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a gas fitter for gas pipe replacement or installation.

  • COST SAVINGS: Natural gas is an efficient way to run your gas appliances, cook, and even heat your home.
  • EXPANDABLE: When you install a new gas line, you can easily add a gas appliance hook-up.
  • SAFETY: If you’re already using gas to power appliances in your home, installing a new line keeps your property safe by addressing leaks and other issues.

If you decide to install a new gas line, be sure to hire an expert. Gas line installation and BBQ gas line installation is not your typical DIY job. It requires skill, training, and expertise to do it safely.

Barbara Burt

“They are the best.”

“This company by far exceeds not only my own expectations but the experience I’ve had with any other company that provides home maintenance services. They have fixed plumbing issues, installed a new boiler and bathroom fixtures, which in my older home is never a simple task. Their technicians are knowledgeable, courteous and beyond patient with my old house and my old self. I wouldn’t let any other company walk in my door ever again.”

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