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Whole Home Generator Installation and Maintenance Services

If a power outage would grind your life to a halt, consider investing in a whole home generator installation. Adding a backup power generator to your home ensures that your family stays safe and comfortable in the event of power losses.

At RCL Mechanical, we are experts in delivering top-notch backup generator services, such as installation, upkeep, and restoration, to guarantee uninterrupted power supply for your residence or commercial establishment. Our licensed team in Taunton, MA, possesses the expertise and equipment to provide dependable customized solutions that cater to your energy requirements.

Generac whole home generator

Certified Generac Installers

As Certified Generac Installers, we specialize in seamless installation and maintenance of Generac home backup generators. Ensure your home stays powered during outages with our reliable and efficient Generac solutions, backed by our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Professional Generator Installation Near Me

Choosing the right generator for your property can be daunting, but our experts make the process easy. We handle everything from selecting the appropriate size and model to the complete setup and integration into your existing electrical system. Our installation services include:

  • Site Assessment and Consultation: Determining the optimal location and type of backup generator based on your specific requirements.
  • Custom Installation: Installing standby generators that automatically activate when power is lost, as well as portable generator setups for flexible use.
  • Safety Checks and Compliance: Ensuring that all installations meet local codes and safety standards to provide reliable and safe operation.

Comprehensive Backup Generator Maintenance

To keep your standby generator in peak condition, regular maintenance is crucial. Our maintenance services extend the life of your generator and ensure it operates efficiently when you need it most. Our maintenance program includes:

  • Routine Inspections: Checking all components of the generator to identify any potential issues before they lead to costly repairs.
  • Performance Testing: Running tests under load to ensure your generator is ready to handle an actual power outage.
  • Part Replacement and Repair: Updating and repairing any worn or damaged parts to maintain optimal functionality.

Safeguard your home by joining our Total Home Care Club Membership, a comprehensive home services maintenance plan.

Emergency Generator Repair Services

Even with regular maintenance, generators can experience issues. Our emergency repair services are available 24/7 to help you when you need it most. We quickly diagnose and fix problems, minimizing downtime and ensuring your generator is back up and running as soon as possible.

What Are the Signs You Need to Call a Generator Repair Service?

Because many generators don’t display symptoms of impending failure, it’s crucial to detect issues as early as possible. You wouldn’t want to discover that your unit has repair issues when there’s a power outage because that’s when you need it most.

Our generator repair team performs a wide range of repair services that include fixing:

  • Fuel, oil, or coolant leaks
  • Electrical issues
  • Failure to start
  • Inconsistent operation
  • Prolonged exposure to moisture or water
  • Overheating
  • Slow starting
  • Greater fuel usage

How Does a Standby Generator Work?

Rather than relying on electricity, generators have their own engines. While the source of engine power differs, the bottom line is that when the engines kick on, the generator converts the energy from the engine into electric power for your business.

A standby generator connects to your electricity line and monitors the flow of electricity to your business. Once the generator detects an outage, it automatically switches on and restores your electricity supply in a matter of seconds.

Why Choose RCL Mechanical for Your Whole House Generator Needs?

Providing the most innovative, highest efficiency, and top-quality products customized for your facility is what we do best. At RCL, we are committed to your complete satisfaction throughout the entire process. And our electrical technicians have state-of-the-art training in sizing, installing, and maintaining your generator. We handle all the details, so you don’t have to. When you contact us, you can expect:

  • Turnkey installations
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • 24/7 availability
  • Flat-rate pricing
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“We had the best experience with RCL Mechanical”

“They came super quick, and went over our repair options clearly (and not condescendingly) which I always appreciate. We were so impressed with RCLs customer service that we’ve joined their Total Home Care Club and will be using them for all of our home needs. 10 out of 10 definitely recommend!”

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Planning for power outages should be part of your family’s emergency preparedness plan. Trust RCL Mechanical for top-notch generator installation and repair in Taunton, MA, and the surrounding area.

We strive to provide our customers with not just top-quality workmanship, but also excellent communication and service throughout every project. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

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